Our lives... our furbabies

Spend a little time reading all about just who The Craft-E-Kittens are/were and what they look like.

It's sometimes hard to imagine that we've come so far over the past 15 years... Our little cause grew and grew - leading us in new directions and guiding our paths to discover things about ourselves that we could never had imagined otherwise.

While saying that though, it is often easy to forget that new people come across our works who have no knowledge of any of our history, some who do not care for the information or the work we do, but often many who would love to delve head first into the backstory of how it all began and what brought us to our current phase of being.


House Guardian, bed warmer & snuggle bug
Arrived: 13th March 2004
Died: 28th February 2006


Founding Member, Life Companion & Guide
Arrived: 13th March 2004
Died 14th December 2012


Listener, Leg Warmer , Bird Watcher & Guardian
Arrived: 5th June 2006
Died: 10th November 2011


Our Companion for 11 Years
Carer, Pusher & Life Guide
Arrived: 3rd June 2008
Died 5th June 2019


Soul Companion, Father to Pum, Our Safety Blanket
Arrived: 21st December 2012
Died: 31st July 2016


Wallflower that blossomed  into a mini-lion & love bug.
Arrived: 21st December 2012
Died: 6th April 2019


Shy baby, learning disabilities but a genius with huge heart
Arrived: 12th July 2014
Died: 1st March 2019


Our music loving baby who learned to love & bloomed
Arrived: 12th July 2014
Died: 1st July 2019

There are so many stories to share, many videos and photographs that we at one point or another would have winced at sharing for fear some unkind soul would post judgemental and hurtful comments (like when Eggy's eyes were gunky, Wolfie had sneezies, Chewie was at her lowest with fur-loss or Beany "has accidents" on his nappy-pads) but now, after losing them all and having to begin our most heart-wrenching hard journey from the beginning again.. I've come to realise I would rather see these memories and know that I can look on our own website for a little guiding light and a "warm hug" feeling from our past... than lock everything away in fear and forget about long since lost memories.

A new Beginning - a new name but never forgetting.

Although everything we ever do will be within the name of The Craft-E-Kittens, I felt it was time to use a new name collectively for the new generation... I've thought it over for some time - after losing Wolfie in 2016, along the way this year (2019) with all the losses one by one - but NOW, now that we have a literal new beginning with not one soul from our previous existence here to guide us -  It is time.
Meet the members of Rainbow Roots & Moonshadow Cats. A family brought together in times of necessity


Cheeky Monkey, loves to help us tidy up & Plays Fetch!

Arrived: 19th June 2019
Given Age: 11 Months
Estimated Actual Age: accurate


Young in body, Old of Soul, Chewie re-incarnate

Arrived: 19th June 2019
Given Age: 11 Weeks
Estimated Actual Age: accurate.


Kind hearted old girl trapped within a brain muddled state

Arrived: 26th June 2019
Given Age: 10 Years
Estimated actual age: 12+ Years


Caring soul, is chatty and vocal but is jumpy & nervous

Arrived: 26th June 2019
Given Age: 8 years
Estimated Actual Age: 8-10yrs


BIG boy with a gooey centre & grouchy side

Arrived: 26th June 2019
Given Age: 6 years
Estimated Actual Age: 5-7 years


Crazy li'l squirrel monkey with a hyper and inquisitive nature
Arrived: 13th August 2019
Given Age: 9-10 Weeks
Estimated Actual Age: 7-8 Weeks