Home Introductions

Welcome to The Craft-E-Kittens.

An adopted family of Special Needs cats who have banded together despite their short life expentancies and defied all odds!

Chewie, Pum & Eggy on daddy having a nap!

Often during the daytime when we are not busily working away at listing products, completing orders or attending fundraising events - we head out to the Cat Cabin to spend time with the babies. As you can see in the photograph, the delight in using us as napping spaces!

More often than not, you can find these three monkeys piled up on daddy (Shoulder: Chewie. Chest: Pum. Stomach: Eggy) while I am busy writing up the diary entries to keep track of their intake, any daily "Accidents" or sudden illnesses. Beany rarel sits for a hug in the daytime, instead prefering to help mummy do the diary over at the food cupboard.

As you can imagine, having your entire body used as a sleeping mat can be a huge bonus and definitely makes you feel loved and happy, but it can also be a real "hand number" and "arm tingler" if you are held captive for long periods! Daddy has to often wear his gloves to make sure his fingers keep nice and warm :-)

We do for the cats, what any parent would do for their child. It astounds me how anyone could look into their scared, tear filled eyes and say "You just don't deserve to be alive" because they may need a little extra care, support and love.

Kitty Johnson, Founder & Co-carer. The Craft-E-Kittens