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The cat cabin may be a thing of the past, the old family have moved on to the meadow across Rainbow Bridge....
but there's still plenty to do around here with the next generation. Old and young, varied disabilities and needs... All supported by your orders from our stores!

Over 16 years of caring for special needs cats and kittens. Shop with FurwebsMarket (Here) to help us raise funds! Donate to us (Here) to help support the work we do.
In Loving Memory of: Tigger| Sox|Beary|Wolfie|Beany|Pumpkin|Chewie & Eggy. Our world is ever so empty without all of you :'(

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Minecraft may seem a bit of an oddball thing to mention here but for the better part of 10 years we have run 3 Whitelisted servers to help us unwind and also to raise trickles of donations.... interested?

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There's over 18 years of history now... head over to the archives if you fancy a read or flick through the MANY images over the years.
Be warned. Some scrambled / upsetting / messy bits will be included.