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  1. *Important - Please read : The stories from the author "DizzyDJ" are fictional and may contain information which is disorganised or does not coincide with Real Life information and events. Any information pertaining to The Craft-E-Kittens, individually by name or in reference to the cause, is that of the authors imagination and is based on fictional scenarios, not reality.

    Synopsis :
    In a sleepy backdrop of a wiltshire village named Scrivenham-down, there lived a group of friendly cats that came together through a meeting that would change their lives for good. A loving couple of humans one day decided to build a Swiss Chalet in their back garden,and to take in and adopt cats with special needs that otherwise would have a rough time and dire consequences when there owners could no longer look after them.

    DAY 1 - The Great Outdoors

    One day after being fed, Pumpkin noticed that the door to her house had not been properly fastened, and that with a slight nudge of her head it could be easily pushed open. Turning around to face Edward, she said " fancy some fun), edward looked at stitch and chewie and said why not, wooley said, dare we , we could get into a lot of trouble if we do. Pumpkin, being the adventurous one said, when are we going to get another chance like this to explore outside world again, to stalk birds and mice and to just simply laze in the sun. And with that they crept out the door trying not to be seen and scurried down the path past the onion patch, across the road and into a feild, which had been recently cultivated after the summer corn had been cut. Edward moved very carefully over the stubble complaining that it kept going between his paws, OH come on said pumpkin, just a little ways further and i can see a stream, perhaps we (if you like) go paddling and catch some of those fast siver things.ok said wooley im game, lets go.

      twenty five minuites later,after scrambling through long grass and hedgerows, covered in those sticky sweethearts, which they knew they would have to get rid of befor getting home,they came across a finely cut grass area. they started to cross it, when, wooley spotted something in the corner of his eye,and ducked, and (thud) he crouched down and shook.looking around, he saw the object bounce a couple of time and roll towards a stick with a rag on top. Then edward saw some humans walking towards them,at the same time wooley had ran after the object, grabbed it  with both paws, saying, sorry every-one its not edible.
    one of the humans shouted whats all these cats doing on the green, wooley heard him and quickly loooked across his shoulder to see the rest of the gang scampering away. hey wait for me he shouted and they all ran home through the same route, through the hedgerows and the stubble which edward tried to step between the stubble,then across the busy road without looking, into the garden past the onion patch and with tails in the air turning around the corner of the large shed and into the cabin, closing the door gently behind them. as they quickly cleaned off the sticky sweethearts, pumpkin smirked as she heard their owner come out of the house calling out WHO WANTS TEA , edward thought, yeh, we didnt get our fast silvery things. so heres to our next adventure. Hello
    said there owner, the gates not shut. good kittens for not getting out, you must be hungry, little did she know what they could have had if they had gone fishing. oh well.;=======til the next adventure.

  2. Hello guys, sorry to of been quiet for so long but what with the new 3 day a week stall and having to make things to sell - THEN ontop of that spending time with the cats, safe to say i've been a biiiiit busy :). The cats are all fine at the moment generally. Eddy had a little slip and whilst washing himself managed to pull a bit too much fur out on his leg which made a tiny nick but blood went everywhere and i panicked thinking he'd been passing blood. He hadnt. (i checked!). Beany [Stitch] is currently in the TCEK house [this is what i call the main first house] and his home is being rented out to Eddy, of which he is less than pleased :). Chewie is being oddly affectionate a lot of the time now which i love because i've missed my fruiticus but also im wondering whats happened to make her so.... cutesy now. Wolfie is starting to sneeze just a little now because of the temperature changes and also he is getting very impatient at food times and insists on trying to stand on my shoulders and head to "make me go faster". Pumpy is taking a while to eat certain meals (Would say being picky but its not really that as such, she just feels bloaty after certain things). Other than his leg Eddy is having a blast usually with one of our Catnip Meesers (Handmade By Furwebs) but this past week he hasnt wanted to play much and just sleeps or washes. Ohhh And Chewies hair is almost full "PUFF" mode thanks to Eddy continuously washing her, to which she pulls the oddest faces and occassionally has to be rescued.And for some reason, even before Beany was put in the TCEK house [only since yesterday afternoon but you'd think I had forced him to walk a tight-rope for 2 weeks without rest - the way he yowls at me for hugs when I go back out], he seems oddly attached to me again, I realise this is partly his Separation Anxiety but he stares into my eyes from across the room, dives me for hugs and kisses, licks every uncovered part of my skin on my arms or legs and goes generally nuts and droolsome. For the last two nights he has had proper "uppy hugs" only to lean me backwards onto the sofa by force and curl up on my chest which he never does usually. He is more a "flop beside and snooze" kind of baby usually. This morning John mistook the hissy outbursts as aggression when he tried to take him off of me, but I explained this was him begging to stay with me and begging me not to leave again (chokes me up sometimes when he shakes and clings on so tightly and the crying noise he makes),so there's me,struggling to climb up with him on my chest and put him in the house and he tries to hold my hand with his paw spread out and lets out this low moan that sounds for all the world to me like "maaahmaa nauuuh" [mumma no]. And i close the door, apologise for ages and say I will be back in a few hours... *sniffles*.