A little back story on Sox And Tigger-Lou

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*Our oldest resident and my special boy*
When we rescued him he and his sister were already previous *unwanted's*  who had been taken in but were again in need of rescue.
Unfortunately his sister didnt adjust well to the move in with us and was MIA for 3 months although i had a feeling Sox was running off to be with her during the days and sure enough one day as i sat calling for her she snuck out from a hiding spot of Sox's and slowly made her way closer. This ofcourse didnt end in her immediate return home but within a few weeks she was happy and "home" :). Even more unfortunately 2 years later she developed UTI [or atleast she was finally diagnosed then, as i had suspected it much earlier] and she went through a rough period of "accidents" around the home and horrid pills. She took it upon herself to return to her MIA state one day - and I just knew "that feeling"[that niggle and tugging at your innerds when somethings wrong] that she wouldnt be making it home by herself this time.
Luckily ..... or not perhaps. My uncle found her "asleep" in his garden 3 days after she has gone MIA , It was a small relief to atleast know she was safe and we buried her the same day.  Tigger-Lou will always be in our hearts and this cause is as much for her , And our special girl Bou [Tinkerbell Cuddleton] as it is for our current furbabies.

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