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As some of you may be aware - we made a note this year to not book in to quite as many "mish mash" events that just pop up and instead pick and choose the best from our invitations. To that note, we actually have so far this year only enquired about one event that we hadn't already been invited to - which to me is amazing, as it means we are getting more widely recognised and sought out to attend events rather than hunting for them ourselves.

Anyway we so far this year have agreed to attend a weekly market at Island Farm Donkey Sanctuary throughout February, as previously we have only attended their Craft Market but recently found out that they hold two other types - Flea Market & Collectors Fair plus an "indoor Carboot" of sorts via their Table Top Sales.
This seemed a great step for us as not only will it help to benefit the Donkey Sanctuary - ergo helping the donkeys. But it will also help us clear out donated goods given to us for The Craft-E-Kittens which often piles up in the storage and we have no other choice than to list clearance batches on eBay (which, believe me - we have horrid "kick to the tummy" feelings about as we know that given more time and other means to sell there are much more funds to be raised from these goods than a few pound for the pile on eBay!).
We have also been generously invited to a number of large scale events for various charities again this year - Hospitals, Community Shows, Village Fetes, Hotels, Scarecrow Festivals - you name it!

We once again are to-ing and fro-ing when it comes to tradeshows though as we just arent sure it's "us", and unsure whether it would help or hinder the work we do.

There are lots of new developments happening this year with regard to our online stores, services, products and fundraising but more will be explained as soon as possible.

Must dash! It's feeding time at the mogetorium ;-)

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