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pumpkinAge : 7

Arrival: 23rd Dec 2012

Known as upon arrival: Patches <

How she got here: She was brought to us with Wolfie , by Bristol &amp;  Wales Cat Rescue

Why she is with us: She cannot fend for herself and care for her companion in the wild any longer.

Medical Issues: Heart Murmur and Digestional Disorder

Day to day attitude: Very Jumpy , Timid and Wary of sudden noise / movement - She stays in the house most days

Abilities: Very fast mover  , Clumsy lander (doesnt quite know where to place her paws) but has Extra Sensitive Hearing.

Special Needs: She requires specific wet food (pate's) as she has difficulties eating firm foods other than Kibble.

Coat description: Fine furred , Slightly Silky , Medium Length and an interesting pattern.

Coat Colours: Orange , Black , Brown , White ,Peach

Breed Detail: Unknown - Suspect she is Calico [the B&W CR said she was a torty!?! no!]

Favourite Treat : Pieces of Cooked Sausage

Favourite Toys : String , Rattly Toys , Balls and Shiny objects

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