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wolfieAge : 10 years + according to B&WCR

Arrival: 21st December 2012

How he got here: Brought to us with Pumpkin from Bristol And Wales Cat Rescue

Why he is with us: Was struck with FHV-1 and left too weak to fend for himself , Pumpkin couldnt cope to fend for him along with herself. (ex farm cats)

Medical Issues: Feline Herpes Virus , Rhinotracheitus

Day to day attitude: Attention seeking and love needing - needs lots of hugs , very lonely and misses his old surroundings. Abilities: Can jump very high , stand on hind legs for long periods of time and easily walk on hind legs!

Special Needs: Requires L-Lysine tablets , measured dose of food suppliment to counter vomitting , daily eye + nose cleaning - would prefere course of anitbiotic but cannot get Clavamox / Amoxycilin without prescription. MUST stay indoors.

Coat description: Tigerstriped grey tones with some white markings

Breed Detail: Unsure - Very large(tall and long) but not "fat" . Very muscley and has an unusual voice

His favourite food : Sainsburys cheap sausages (has to be those!) as a treat once a month or so

His favourite hidey hole : Sitting in the cupboard ontop of Turtey my old Turtle footrest!

Gets upset if : you dont say good morning / afternoon/night depending on the time you go in - as soon as you get in - and if you forget to give him  headbumps and tickles!

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