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sockyAge : Sox was roughly 16 when he passed , would of been 17 had he made it to march 2013
Arrival: March 13th 2004

How he got here: He was a friends cat along with his sister , “partner” and daughter. Unfortunately the owner was moving and could only take two of the four cats with her to the new home. The “partner” and daughter were chosen as they couldnt be separated and the mumma cat was poorly. Sox and Tigger came to live with us to get me through rough times. They were “given as in good health” and until a few months after we didnt even know there may be medical problems …

Why he is with us:  He was brought here by myself and mum (Kathy) “as pets” to cheer me up , accompany me to get me through awful stuff. This was years before The Craft-E-Kittens came about.

Medical Issues: Over the course of the 9 years (seems so much longer) in my life , socky had many injuries and illnesses, i have tried to write a list of those i can remember – Ripped Paw , Pad restructure , Was hit by a car and left to fend for himself on the back roads near our house (after he finally recovered i refused to let him outside “free roaming” again and he was too scared to on the one occasion he slipped outside – he just froze in fear) , Renal Failure , Rhinotracheitis , Irritable Bowel Disease ,  Feline Herpes Virus (FHV-1) , Broken Legs with metal pins , Blind in one eye ,  Very suseptible to cold / heat / dust etc

Day to day attitude: A bit snappy towards any one but me who tried to pick him up , very much disliked men (history) , very loving , loved having tickles and headbumps , would often hop onto the sofa next to us even before the cabin – and curl up for a snoozey hug. Would not tolerate anyone but me touching his lower back , back ankles , paw pads and especially belly! . This would result in being kicked, bitten or smacked with a paw. he wasnt agressive – he just feared more pain (wouldnt you with all those illnesses and hurts?)

Abilities: Even in his later years , he was very smart , he could open things and reach things on tippytoe that shouldnt be possibly. He could talk but due to his throat problems (forgot to write that above!) and operations ,he was barely audible to anyone but me (mamma’s can always tell their childrens cry in a crowded area and all that). He used to be a “good” rabbit and bird hunter in the fields out the back of the house , but often came home with lumps and bumps as if the wildlife were chasing him rather than vise versa.

Special Needs: This section is too much to write currently (its taken me months to have the strength to write this far , please bear with me…… :[ ...) the "hurts" are too much right now

Coat description: short slinky shiny black coat with "tuxedo" white markings and white "socks".

Breed Detail: British Shorthair Tuxedo [and darn proud of it!]

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