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This page was written some when in 2013 but contains information that is still relevant so I have not deleted it or edited its content.

The Craft-E-Kittens : Special Cats with Special Needs...

Well its pretty self explainatary in a way.
The cats each have special needs , medical requirements and if left to fend for themselves would not survive.
We are their carers and family.

We fundraise through various online storefronts , websites and at local trade shows , craft fairs , markets and events. The funds raised go towards covering costs of Cat Litter , Medicines , Cleaning Supplies , Food , Toys , Heaters , Towels , Beds etc etc for the cats. As well as this we make a wide variety of crafted items "In our spare time" , also to try and sell to raise funds.

How things "Work" differs and depends on which cats we have with us.

Now that beary and socky have passed - things are different in the sense we no longer have to worry about objects that are higher than knee height , as they both had bad legs.
Or which items are within reach for Chewie to try to eat when she shouldnt ,  So for instance with the arrival of the new cats last december , we raised funds towards buying a new climbing frame / activity tree.
This year chewie is having bad balance issues but likes to still climb , so we will fundraise towards building a safer climbing arena for her.

Pumpkin needs to be kept warm with her heart condition and loves to hop straight back to her bed once she has had a quick run around and feed.
So we have invested in new beds and will continue to buy new towels etc as required for bedding.

Wolfie although being very sneezy has little requirements other than food (he thinks he "MUST" have any food he sees and hears being moved) but aside from this his only requirement is to sit on our tummy for a hug and nest down on us - so we will be trying to fundraise towards getting additional seating for the coming months in the cabin as the one mini futon sofa isnt really large enough for us all to fit!

As you can hopefully see , they are not"Just Cats" , and things are far from "simple" in the cat cabin or regarding the furbabies in our lives.  Please keep reading throughout the pages of the site for more information

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