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As long as the Cat Cabin has been here, there have been special needs cats living within.
The first were Sox, Beary & Chewie as pictured above.
However, before the cabin they shared The Den [A large 13ft x 7.5ft x 10ft outdoor enclosure].

With each new member of our adopted family, the "rules" for life in the cabin change.
When the cabin first came about - it was pretty simple. Follow any routine already in place with Socky. Keep curtains closed, no entering the cabin with foods / drinks "un-socky-safe" ,no entry without washing your hands or changing your clothes, always wear gloves when cleaning up.... etc etc. As time goes by we have clearly had to change these rules to coincide with other illnesses and issues.
Of course, some rules never change - no matter who lives in the cabin!
Such as my golden rule - "Always keep the gate closed!"
Going in or coming out, never have both doors open at once unless the cats are secure in their house while we are moving furniture or doing maintanence.

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