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    The hardest thing when it comes to caring for furbabies with disabilities or special needs , isnt the cost of the medical care , supplies and the cleaning up of "disgusting spills" [!!?]. It is the knowledge that one day near or far along the line - medicine will no longer help , food will no longer quieten their urgent meows , towels will no longer warm them and your tender stroking and soft soft hugs will be the only consolation they have as they make their way through the colours of the stillness. [I hate writing these things , always makes me cry]

    We relying heavily on Kathy Sly (my mum) to assist us in funding the additional medicines and cleaning supplies as we struggle to gain sales online and at events.

    If you are at all interested in helping us with supplies and goods we URGE you to please stick to the following list - we cannot feed the babies anything other than listed below , nor use any other chemicals / cleaning supplies etc than detailed below .

    This is not us being "picky" and choosing the dearest items - by far the opposite. We are using the only items tested and approved for use by careful sampling around / with the cats.

    <strong>*List To Follow*</strong>

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