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  1. *Our oldest resident and my special boy*
    When we rescued him he and his sister were already previous *unwanted's*  who had been taken in but were again in need of rescue.
    Unfortunately his sister didnt adjust well to the move in with us and was MIA for 3 months although i had a feeling Sox was running off to be with her during the days and sure enough one day as i sat calling for her she snuck out from a hiding spot of Sox's and slowly made her way closer. This ofcourse didnt end in her immediate return home but within a few weeks she was happy and "home" :). Even more unfortunately 2 years later she developed UTI [or atleast she was finally diagnosed then, as i had suspected it much earlier] and she went through a rough period of "accidents" around the home and horrid pills. She took it upon herself to return to her MIA state one day - and I just knew "that feeling"[that niggle and tugging at your innerds when somethings wrong] that she wouldnt be making it home by herself this time.
    Luckily ..... or not perhaps. My uncle found her "asleep" in his garden 3 days after she has gone MIA , It was a small relief to atleast know she was safe and we buried her the same day.  Tigger-Lou will always be in our hearts and this cause is as much for her , And our special girl Bou [Tinkerbell Cuddleton] as it is for our current furbabies.

  2. This was the day we collected my new babies , Sox and Tigger . Known then also by the nickname Boozer (for Sox) as he drank milk ALOT, this being one of the reason he ended up with a bad stomach problem.

    When we collected them i remember going shopping , picking out litterboxes , food bowls , teddies , toys , spending ages looking for "the right food" and treats - then getting to their home to pick them up and being given their favourite bowls , blankies , etc etc and thinking "oh - which should i use? mine or what they came with?".

    After they got back here with us we let them sit in their carriers in my bedroom for a while whilst i sat on the floor with them talking to them so they didnt get startled and panic. I remember them being really quiet on the way home , apart from tigger being a bit shuffly and shifty in her carrier.

    As soon as I let them out of the carriers Sox hid under my Futon , (a pastime he enjoyed LOTS in future years) and Tigger scampered about the floor looking around her for a comfy place to hide , She chose to hide her HEAD only under the heater and thought that was a good place and stayed there.....

    Mum sat up with us for a little but the majority of the first few days was me watching films in the bedroom and slowly coaxing them out of their hidey holes to make sure they ate and drank , used the box etc. And of course to make them have some love and tickles to get used to me. (And mum slowly).

    When we were at their "home" before confirming we were allowed them , I remember mum being scared to hold Sox but he sort of went "upside downy" in her arms before going to "Mummy" as if to say "Yes , there i did it , can i go play now or have treats?". Tigger at the time was outside hiding in the bushes by the back door so we didnt see her until we went to collect them. I also remember her being very difficult to catch when her "then mummy" was chasing her from room to room trying to coax her into the carrier with biscuits and things. Sox was already in his carrier and waiting / watching the whole thing from the hallway :-)